Apple Reportedly Working On Premium Games Subscription

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple - ready for a Monday event expected to involve the unveiling of streaming video and news subscriptions - is also working on a premium games subscription for its App Store, with discussions with potential partners underway. Bloomberg says the games subscription will focus on iPhones and iPads and pack together paid games from various developers than users can access for a monthly fee.

Cheddar previously reported of a similar service being worked on by Apple way back in January. Going by Bloomberg's piece, Apple would collect monthly fees from consumers who pay for the gaming-related subscription service and disburse the revenue between developers based on how much times users spend on their games. The company would likely consider paid games on the App Store and exempt free-to-download titles that make money via in-app purchases.

Apple's expected video streaming and news subscriptions services along with that focused on games could mark a…

Fortnite for Android is reportedly launching exclusively on the Galaxy Note 9

    image credit : Flickr/Whelsko

According to several recent reports, The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launching next month at its Unpacked event might come with an interesting exclusive feature, Major Battle Royale game Fortnite which is said to now be launching on the upcoming smartphone bringing its first official Android version to the Galaxy smartphone.

The report which first came from XDA Developers notes of Samsung making use of a very interesting feature to lure buyers for its Galaxy Note 9 smartphone and with Fortnite being the No 1 game title in the world coming to Android on Samsung's smartphone is set to be a major boost for the sales of the smartphone being unveiled on the 9th of next month.

XDA also states of Samsung and Fortnite developer Epic looking to watch with popular Fortnite Twitch streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins with talks of Ninja probably coming to its Unpacked event for the announcement.

According to the source who provided the info, Galaxy Note 9's launch will be mainly based around the Fortnite gaming title with the official launch video set being themed on the video game and also makes note of Note 9 buyers getting free V-bucks, Skins and several other goodies.

9to5Google suggests that Note 9 users will be getting between $100-$150 worth of V-Bucks with an alternative free wireless AKG headphones for those not interested in the in-game currency.

Pre-orders for the Note 9 start August 14th with the phone getting into the hands of users by the 24th of the same month and anytime from now, We'll get to see if these reports are official plans by Samsung to boost up its user base through the Fortnite game title which stands as the currently most played global video game with over 125 million users and $1.2 Billion in revenues so far.

Fortnite came to the iOS March this year and has already racked up $150 million in revenues for the free to play game on that platform alone.